Try some Nostalgia

ITALY...or wherever!!

In most rural and small town areas in many countries, very little has changed in the last 50, a little 10 day (or so) tour of remote areas, staying at nostalgic cottages and experience the past

Consider hiring your own nostalgic car and cruise the more remote areas of a this Alfo Romeo convertable.....Nostalgic travellers here, re-discover the remote dream roads of Europe at the wheel of sporty, elegant 1950s Alfa Romeo Spider



From the 2004 movie 'The Polar Express' an inspiring adventure based on the beloved children's book by Chris Van it again in the real 'Polar Express'

USA..... The Deep South

Perhaps the most impressive component of the American Queen is the array of senses that it stirs. Paddle Steamer nostalgia...turning back the time and enjoy some old fashioned Southern hospitality



Romantic Steam...1882 all over again....

And as 'Al Harper' said (Cheif Executive officer of American Heritage Railways) "wev'e got to revere and remember these great historic projects"


MIDDLE EARTH- New Zealand Vita Krastina

Ever thought about doing something like this? 

Since the The Fellowship of the Rings came out in year 2001, my biggest dream was to visit all the amazing filming locations. It took 13 years and another cinematic return to Middle Earth for me to finally fulfill this dream and watch The Battle of Five Armies premiere already in New Zealand - the home of Peter Jackson's Middle Earth. I travelled to many of the filming locations, but there are also many left to explore like Mt Olympus in Kahurangi National Park, where the Fellowship was hiding from Saruman's crows, Mushroom rock near Port Waikato otherwise known as Weathertop ;) and Mavora lakes park in Queenstown area or Fangorn forest edge with a burning pile of orcs and shores of Nen Hithoel, where Sam joined Frodo on his journey to Mordor. Some of the places are not actual filming locations, but gave me a very close feel to the films. I hope you enjoy my pictorial journey through Middle Earth with some of the incredible music that Howard Shore composed for the films :)

COLORADO USA.....nostalgia family fun

Travel back in time with us on the Georgetown Loop Railroad through the Rocky Mountains out of Georgetown, Colorado. This is a magical fun and educational family friendly activity, and certainly is a perfect 'day trip' from Denver!

WEST VIRGINIA..... USA....Cass to Bald Knob

Folks, this is an awesome "bucket list" trip for anyone. It does get rather cold and blustery on Bald Knob, or you can take the shorter trip to Whitaker and back down if that suits you better. You can even rent a local house from the original era of the mill town for a weekend for a group. As I said, it is a great unique vacation idea...comment by Paul West

KIDS NOSTALGIA....CALIFORNIA.....Thomas The Tank Engine

Thomas in Real Life - A Day out with Thomas & Friends. Real life Thomas and friends are at a Day Out with Thomas the train at the Orange Empire Railway Museum! Thomas the Tank Engine is joined by Percy in California. Day Out with Thomas is a fun family event - real life Thomas and Percy give rides to kids and their families.


"Get your kicks on ROUTE 66"....USA

We were all singing this 'Rolling Stones' song in '64, and surfing was just taking off world-wide .........I tell you, people may knock Americans, but they sure know how to preserve modern to do this trip today!!


NAPIER- NEW ZEALAND...1930's "Art Deco capital of the world"

Every year thousands from around the world flock to the Napier's Art Deco festival February 13th to 17th.......go back to the 1930s for a week!!!

Fox furs, boaters and beads are all happening, the roads are swallowed up by vintage cars, while jazz tunes hit their beat from the street corners.
Even outside of the the Napier festival, the entire Hawke’s Bay area retains a strong Art Deco flavour, thanks largely to the area's architecture which emerged following a terrible earthquake in the year of 1931, which destroyed much of central Napier. ....So.... consider taking a tour in a vintage car, or hire a guide to show you the best examples of Art Deco buildings you’ll see literally go back in time. 


Napier ....The entire inhabitants of the city dress and live Retro, for the week long festival....


longer version...Napier


Now this will really take you back to the 1950's

Colorado is home to some of the world’s most awesome railroads. The Cumbres and Toltec being no exception. A handsome steam locomotive at the head of a line of beautifully restored passenger cars, working hard to climb the steep grades of the Cumbres Pass high into the San Juan Mountains


AUSTRIA & GERMANY......'The Sound of Music'

Go back in time and retrace the steps of the creation of the movie...'The Sound of Music' with a visit to Austria and Germany and the film locations

Sensational footage in this vid, retracing the making of the 50yr old movie

USA ...... New Orleans to New York

From New Orleans to New York, take a long,  amazing, 1800 mile train ride aboard the "Crescent" which will take you on an amazing journey through time in American history.



Wood fire stoves in the carriages, basic seats and cups of tea while riding across the desert plains in Argentina, being pulled by a piece of history....the Steam Train

RUSSIA...experience the 18th century..

Go back in time for a nautical adventure, that will surpass almost any nautical experience today, and sail upon the 18th century frigate 'Shtandart'... as a crew member.....a definite unbelievable life changing experience.....possibly try this website for more info .....