Surfing..everyone's gotta learn!

and what better place to learn...WAIKIKI..Hawaii

Don't let the negative 'kook' comments of the so-called 'Hottie surfers' keep you out of the water. We all had to learn to surf, even the Hotties were kooks once, and all made mistakes along the way...but also all love it.

Having been surfing since 1958 and have surfed big waves all over the world...there's nothing I love more than seeing someone get in touch with the ocean...even for the first time

The 'Spirit of surfing' is 'Welcoming' someone into our 'tribe' matter.. your skill level....we all take the same


MOROCCO.....near Agadir

Maybe your new to this awesome sport....well travel and surf anyway!! I surfed Taghazout 50 years ago and its so cool seeing young new potential surfers still heading there....Mike