Surf Nostalgia

SAN FRAN to LA...Nostalgic surf trip

Having surfed all over the world for more than 60 yrs, and visited these shores many times, I would like to encourage the modern surfer, as well as the 'dinosaurs' of old, to experience this iconic surf route again....or for the first time....from San Fran to Los Angeles...

Visit Half moon Bay and visualise a heavy 'Maverics'..... and definitely go to 'Jeff Clarks surfshop' at Pillar point Harbour...

Visit 'Johnny Rice' surfboards and check out the legendary 'Steamer Lane' in Santa Cruz....and the 'Santa Cruz Surfing Museum' at the the us.... this place 'Steamer Lane' had enormous mystique about it, and will always be legendary.

Make sure you have a wander around Monterey, where they held one of the most iconic 'Rock Festivals' of the the Monterey County fairgrounds, and visit the legendary 'Rincon' while meandering down the 'Big Sur'

Visit the home of the legendary home of 'Mikey Dora'....'Malibu'..and the 'surf shack' just across the road......

Huntington pier,...the spiritual home of legendary nose rider David Nuuhiwa ....walk the boardwalk and experience the pier ........and ya gotta see ..'The dirty old Newport wedge'...Newport Bch

but also check out the California surf museum 12 Pier View Way, 
Oceanside.......have fun ....and reminisce or imagine those romantic days all over 


(1) Replicate Michael Fordhams, iconic surf trip down the West coast, and visualise and relive the 'Glory Time'

(2) Jeff Clark (3) David Nuuhiwa...Huntington Beach 1960s


Take a step back in time and experience the world of our beloved Kombi and try a vintage tour of our awesome Sunshine Coast. Travelling in a 1966 kombi van, visit some of the best beaches to surf on the Sunshine Coast as well as shopping and foodie joints from Moffatt Headland, Peregian Beach, and Noosa, and wave hello to a different side of the Sunshine Coast.