Surf Adventurers

We celebrate the talent and professionalism of the many hardcore top level surfers we see around the world today, and proudly congratulate them on their achievements, however, there is also a hardcore level of intermediate surfers and newish surfers, that are similarly just as eager in finding that perfect wave, and this website page is dedicated to them.....and to you! hunting....


Having surfed Morocco myself nearly 50 yrs ago was a huge adventure, but today, reaching further abroad to the unknown is now in the minds of most surfers worldwide and these guys below are no exception,.... and you aren't either ...Mike

ps...nobody owns nothin man...its here for all of us to enjoy...the true genuine surfer is considerate and welcoming!!!



This was the first ever tour of its kind, aimed at the intermediate surfer looking for adventure, and uncrowded peaks and points along the hundreds of miles of an uncharted, Southern Moroccan empty coastline.......and...this could be you! may be directed to youtube with this vid

ICELAND...ARTIC CIRCLE Surfing and skiing

Fantastic adventurers, French Polar Explorer/Surfer Vincent Colliard and Surfer Léa Brassy go on a lover’s adventure combining both of their passions for Mountain and Ocean. 40 miles of skiing un-supported across a snowy valley of Northern Iceland in search for remote waves to up for that sort of adventure?


This video is about an isolated Mozambique surf trip, join the guys as they explore the perfect waves on offer up there in the unexplored unchartered paradise.....'the world is your oyster'.....have a go!


Now this is the kind of adventure im'e talking about!........'have a go' (if you haven't already) are so many cool spots like this around the world

So awesome! I'm 15 & my family and I have been going down there for the past 5 years. It's just such an amazing magical place, and this edit captures it perfectly.  cheers....comment by Sapoji


He's Moroccan, and Africa is his continent. He travelled 8 countries in 5 months with a mission to bring clean water to people in need, and a dream of crossing a continent with local transport. He survived malaria and hepatitis to surf the best wave in the world, skeleton bay. This documentary about his journey through Africa crossing Morocco, Senegal, Mali, Ivory coast ,Liberia, Ghana and Namibia.......could this be your travelling destiny?

MOROCCO.....near Agadir

Maybe your new to this awesome sport....well travel and surf anyway!! I surfed Taghazout 50 years ago and its so cool seeing young surfers still heading there....Mike

SOUTH AFRICA...'Long Beach' Capetown

Cape Town is one of the most classic surfspots in the world.....cold water on the West Coast but plenty of awesome empty spots to surf....I know I surfed there for 4 years in the 70s.....Mike

I had a special fondness for the wave at 'long Beach' and its also where they filmed part of the 'Endless Summer'


'Long Beach'....'The Endless Summer' movie

Same wave...same peak....50 years earlier


Jay and Courtney continue their adventure thru Baja California....even in 2018 you can still find plenty of waves and camping areas to yourself...its all one great big adventure....and you can do it!.....just buy a van....equip it out and start your awesome brother surfed Mexico in the 60s and still raves about it....Mike 

PORTUGAL ..Ericeira

My brother and I surfed the Portuguese Coast ( including Ericeira) in the late 60s and early 70s and many of my friends went there also in later years, and it was the quaintness and culture that stuck with all of us, including all the amazing waves......a very special place for the surf adventurer....Mike



Having surfed all around the coastline of Spain myself nearly 50 yrs ago...its so cool seeing the adventurous spirit still alive in young people today......have a go!


Create your own classic surf's some ideas from Brian


Just love to see these guys and gals taking a surf adventure into places like brother always raved about the waves he had back there in the 80s...Mike


Take a trip down Central America way and meet some locals like Booker did....that's what its all about awesome surf adventure

AUS Surf Safari

Now this is what a real surf safari looks like...well done boys.....have done this myself, dozens of times over the last 60 years, and it is just...the best adventure

Safaris right around the Southern Australian coastline...and man is it a paradise for adventure and surf.....why not grab some friends and try it yourself !!!!...Life is an it while you can........