The Inspirational Young

In this digital world that we currently find ourselves in, there is a growing breed of young people, with a hearts desire to experience more than just what this digital world has to offer.......

A hearts desire to connect with this extraordinary world that your'e recent forefathers began to discover once again..... like those 'of old' did...

We....the 50s, 60s and 70s generations, not only began to pursue the euphoric world of enlightenment, but many in our generation found themselves also returning to the wonderment of the natural aspects of this amazing world and all its charm.

And so the Hippie generation was born...

Living off the land and becoming one with nature was clearly the mandate of many of that so-called 'enlightened' generation, question......however, I see a whole new generation emerging, that places great value in the world that we now live in, and the following vids are a glimpse into that 'enlightened' appreciative mature young person of the 21st century that I am so regularly coming into contact with these days.............and your probably one,......and well,.... that's why your reading this!!!

Self-realisation in the young

The quest for self-realisation has always intrigued countless generations thru history, and we were very privileged to see, and be a part of a dramatic upsurge in the search for so-called enlightenment in the mid 60s to the early 70s.

Many of my contemporaries during that tumultuous time of revolution and the Vietnam war, began questioning the dramatic upsurge of sophisticated new gadgets and the advent of new technology, and began turning back to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and personal development.

Many were heading to remote regions, and Kathmandu, Morocco, Byron Bay, Pacific Islands, The Amazon, Southern Africa and Europe became some of our more favoured destinations during that hippie period.

The average age of this searching adventurer was around 20, and around 1966 began one of greatest revolutions of all time where anti-discrimination, anti-war, anti-nuclear, anti-corruption, and save our planet mindsets, grew rapidly world-wide, and literally millions of young people demonstrated world-wide, spreading the good-news of simplicity, living off the land, and renewed consciousness.

This dramatic phenomenon however, began to become highly political during the following generations, and the core values of that revolutionary lifestyle "Make Love Not War" "Live off the Land" attitude that was so ingrained in us.... majorly dissipated, and our song of revolution faded into the current technical digital advancements that has encapsulated entire generations to date. However, even though the rapid growth of technology has clearly left us floundering in personal growth, it has also bought us miraculously to a place where lifestyle and values, enlightment and personal growth are once again being questioned, particularly by young people, and 'selfies' and 'consumerism' we will find, will once again take back seat to a developing enlightened generation that is beginning again to admire the wonder and majesty of this planet, and the beauty of personal development and all it has to offer

This following video, to me, is exactly the call of of a 20yr old 1960s generation....its 'Deja vu' to me, and this voice will eventually capture a whole generation, because self-awareness, and self-realisation is inherent in all of us, and this generation is a glorious mixture of beautiful young people with a heart to do the right thing,......and 'things' will offer you nothing......but adventure and experience everything......


SPAIN  ...

The romantic and soul searching trek across the 540 mile 'Camino de Santiago'

Hank Leukart treks across Northern Spain with an inspirational group of friends. Hank and his companion 'Amalie' experience a unique blend of hurried activity and quiet soul searching and although not teenagers anymore, displayed that expressive enthusiasm of a young person.

Now that i am well into my 70s, i certainly consider a 58 year old to be still a young person at heart (like 'Sensei') who has with still a long great future and destiny ahead of him...and a trek like this can open your eyes to any possibility