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STEP 2...This Travel 40+ video culmination is to merely try and inspire you to consider different adventure options ....happy travelling



Incredible Norway, by Erik......also see

Trekking, Biking, Climbing, you name it!....these videos give you alternatives to the everyday traveller... Eric Conover's videos... will inspire you!



Lovely Greek Isl with Gabriel-see more

Hiking to six different beaches on the peaceful Greek island of Anafi....Gabriel Traveler




Consider this trek to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.( second vid


Iceland Adventures with Erik.....see also

Try these out of the way top destinations In Iceland while travelling the country.

RUSSIA....Exploring Russia's Far East

RUSSIAN EXPEDITION with Ralph Grizzle.... see also 'Silver Discovey'

Recent expedition aboard Silver Discoverer that explored Russia's vast, remote, untouched Far East region.



ICE HOTEL ..More 'Conover' adventures

Hotel room tour of one of the most amazing hotels on this planet that I have ever stayed out, The Snow-Village in Lapland, Finland! 

NEW ZEALAND.....Beautiful South Island trek

Semi-Widerness Hiking.,...with 'Joshua Eversham'

The Kepler Track is a 60 km, 4 day trail through the gentle, beech-forested shores of lakes Te Anau and Manapouri to the tussocky alpine tops and grand Mt Luxmore. It is an unbelievable hike.


Relax Time..Hawaiian Islands largest.... 'Hawaii'

The “Big Island” of Hawaii is the largest of the Hawaiian Islands, and offers a stunning array of spectacular scenery for you to go out and explore.


Try some remoteness..& also follow Eric

OKINAWA..... love Okinawa! I've been exploring the islands several times and they're beautiful. My favourite is Iriomote - it's famous for Iriomote yamaneko, a wild cat that only exists in that particular island..... comment by Lanttimatkat


Awesome road trip.........see more

CALIFORNIA...The Big Sur....definitely should be on your bucket list...have done it myself and its sensational....Mike


Trekking the Atlas mountains......find out more 'tour radar'

If you’ve always had a dream of exploring Morocco, you may not know where to begin. After all, the country of Morocco, is a country for those seeking to reconnect with nature, relax by a swimming pool, or dive into the bustling Moroccan markets. However, anyone planning a hiking or trekking trip to Morocco needs to consider adding the Atlas Mountain range to their itinerary.

SRI LANKA Sigiriya Rock

Climbing Adventure.........see more 'tour radar'

The best part about Sigiriya Rock is that the magic doesn’t end inside the fortress. Watch as we ascend the stairs, 370 metres to the top of this astounding cliff: The journey may feel like it never ends, but the views at the top, are more than worth it. There’s nothing more satisfying than reaching the top of Sigiriya Rock: if not for the views, then just for the adventure itself.

EUROPE ....RHINE River cruising

Chill out......relax with Ralph Grizzle

Eight days on the Rhine cruising on Viking Hlin allowed me time to fully explore – and appreciate – Viking’s “affordable brand of luxury.


Sleep-over trek.......have a look via Tour Radar

Are you ready to learn about the differences between two amazing routes to Machu Picchu?


Unusual Experiences with Noah & Lynn

Oh my goodness....Looks like that was a good workout getting up there... wow. 😁..Comment by Vegard Heyerdahl


THE AZORES......Islands in the Nth Atlantic

Isolation...see more

I’ll be there in Sao Miguel this October - I can't wait. It will be incredible!.. wow thank you for this vid, spectacular. I am riding a bike around the island.. yay ...Comment by Vicki


8 day extreme trek...with Steve and Kristin www.backpacker & www.kristin

Amazing. So worth it for those sunrise shots of the Torres. Congrats on completing such an amazing hike. That's got to be on our bucket list for sure!...comment by Perfect Little Planet


Quick Island Explore...check out Chris

We spent 1 week on the beautiful island of Madeira ( Portugal ) in June and July of 2018! We experienced the sledge car, breath-taking views, the cable car, local wine, Poncha, whale watching, para-sailing, and the amazing city of Funchal! 

LAOS...Mekong River

River Cruise Asiatic Adventure...another great film by Michael Altenhinne

This trip, perhaps a little sterile by comparison, but enormously rewarding and fascinating


15 day early winter Himalayan trek

Wanna do a nearly 18,000 ft high trek like 'Jeff Pelletier'

The Annapurna Circuit is a trek in central Nepal that elevates to an altitude of 17,700ft through the Thorung La pass, easily one of the highest trekking passes in the world

PERU......How about a trip to the middle of the Amazon jungle!!

Central Amazon Experience...... with 'Kara and Nate'

The Amazon River and Rainforest have been on Kara and Nate's bucket list forever, and we are finally going!!!


Walk the Milford Track..... 'Graham and Teena'

Milford track...the most amazing thing about bushwalking in NZ is that there are no snakes or venomous spiders or anything that can hurt you....amazing! (except maybe a wild pig in remote areas)

Marvel at the stunning scenery, beautiful photography and amazing aerial views as we follow a group hiking through one of the most famous trekking trails in the world  

SIBERIA....want a unique experience!!

Coldest place on Earth............ 60 Minutes Australia

Tell everyone that you have been to the coldest place on earth

In Oymiakon - a tiny village in Central Siberia - it's so cold that your eyelashes freeze together and there's the constant issue of frostbite. If it's warmer than minus 55 degrees Celsius, then it's a warm day.....ha! 



Maybe you would prefer  a little more solitude or isolation...well...join Matt as he takes you on a trek in the middle of nowhere....maybe you could do this one day!

Matts backpacking journey through Afghanistan's rugged Wakhan Corridor. 2 weeks in the country, and 10 days of those, trekking through the Pamir Mountains. It was a wild trip man!


Awe! The little baby penguin. How cute was that? What an fascinating, outstanding cruise, all on that magnificent ship. Then there was the whales, geez Louise, SIGN ME UP!!...comment by Dee Marie Dubois


JERUSALEM  (amazing cornerstone of 3 Abrahamic faiths)

After seeing this video, It has convinced me that I really do need to visit Jerusalem...comment by Cris Z



Kenya. Just a bunch of friends with 3 Land Rovers....the perfect mix to a great African adventure,.... and you could do it too!!



Finally, Travelling Vietnam video with maps! ( a 30 day adventure) Great video...Comment by Bookman


ST. HELENA ....British overseas territory 

How would you like to visit one of the remotest Islands in the world


DANUBE RIVER CRUISE..... through Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania and beyond

The Danube river rises in Germany’s Black Forest & flows through or along the borders of ten countries. A Danube river cruise may include astounding cities like Budapest, Vienna, Munich and Prague. Danube cruise ships slide through scenic old-country villages, stop at fairy-tale castles, medieval impenetrable fortresses,  museums, churches, concert halls and many more - let alone, the amazing food, wine & beers. River cruises on the Danube will surely leave you with lifelong memories.

TURKEY ( CAPPADOCIA )  How about some Hot-air Ballooning!!

this has got to be on the top of my bucket list, it looks so amazing!!...comment by Disconxxcted


WEST COAST USA .....Highway 395

This is a fantastic 3-4 day leisurely drive, with plenty of History, photographic opportunities, hikes, food, lake activities, wilderness style accommodation and much more....highly recommended....  

MOROCCO......Essaquira.......visit a 'Hippie surfer beach town'

Exploring the fascinating beachside village of Essaouira, Morocco on the Atlantic Ocean.

PERU.....Maybe you are a mild adrenaline junky...well try this...sheeeesh!

Spending the night in Peru's Sky Lodge in the Sacred Valley has been on our bucket list forever! Honestly we never thought we would get this opportunity, but Nate's parents decided we had to end our Peru adventure with a bang! 

Then there's the EVEREST BASE camp for all the die-hards....Beautiful NEPAL

The 12 day trek is a round trip of 124km, reaching an altitude of 5,545 metres or 18,192 feet.


Remote surf Safari....SOLOMON ISLANDS

Hook up with some friends and experience the exhilaration of a remote surf trip...

We sail to explore the remote north coast of the Solomons in search of waves to surf, seeing not one human for weeks......... Only a surfer knows the feeling!...or you 'The potential surfer!!'

Marly (the dog) and a couple of humans, who with no sailing experience, bought a yacht, got it blue water cruising ready and set off sailing around the Pacific! 5000nm down and many more to go!

THE SAHARA......Algeria

Before you leave this earth, consider a visit to the mighty Sahara....larger than the whole of the United states......its vastness and remoteness can be overwhelming and even to the point of euphoric......and imé not exaggerating ...i crossed it nearly 50yrs ago.....

FINLAND....Artic Resort

Experience the wonder of the 'Northern Lights', while staying in a glass igloo in the middle of a Lapland Xmas winter....amazing!

Going to quit my Bs corporate job and start travelling the world. Life is to short to miss out on gems like this....comment by TheCricketer 15

ALASKAN Surf Adventure...extreme!!

The Aleutian Islands are a chain of islands, west from southern Alaska; they’re known for their nasty weather and radical seas. Alex & Anthony didn’t just travel here to surf though. The particular island that they were exploring is home to the single longest-settled community in the entire world & they wanted that experience as well.......would you like that experience? Even though they are professional surfers that certainly doesn't disqualify you from seeking an adventure like this....


Hire a car and do a 2,500 km journey around Tassy

2,500Km roadtrip journey around Australia's island state of Tasmania that covers many of the outstanding scenic, wildlife and spectacular rugged alpine regions of this hidden gem located 240 km off the south-east corner of mainland Australia.

KENYA....17057ft Mt Kenya

Climb without technical difficulty, over 16000ft on the 17000ft 2nd highest mountain in Africa


How would you like to do a circumnavigation of Australia...a mere 35,000, cold, rainforests, deserts, isolation or the big city humming vibe....Aussie has it all......just hire (or buy) a car....a few travel nicknacks..and off

you go....happy travelling... 


Multiple Holiday Adventures........ with