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CANADA             ICELAND          BULGARIA       THAILAND         ARGENTINA
HUNGARY           USA                   CROATIA          AUSTRALIA       BALI
INDIA                   IRELAND            SPAIN               RUSSIA             CHINA
ITALY                    PORTUGAL        SWEDEN          MEXICO           CHILE
JAPAN                 FRANCE             WALES             CARIBBEAN     STH AFRICA
NORWAY             IRAN                   PAKISTAN        SLOVENIA         FIJI
SWITZERLAND      TURKEY               BURMA            ROMANIA        TAIWAN


"Don be afraid, man! We speak English and French here in Quebec and you'll be very welcome! And, with an exception of the outstanding mountain ranges of British Columbia and Alberta, everything that is good in our beautiful Canada, is even better in Quebec"!! comment by Marcelo Nunes (video


I'm Swedish & can tell there's no wonder why Germany is the world's seventh most visited country...its amazing! Comment by Volunteerz


Hungary has that old Eastern Bloc feel about it, once being  a satellite state of the Soviet Union. It's home to the largest thermal water cave system and the second largest thermal lake in the world, the largest lake in Central Europe and the largest natural grassland in Europe...a ton of history here..... 


"Best Video on India. Being Indian, Even I get culture shock when I visit there. Btw, your video covers best cities to visit there during a trip. Good work..well done!!" comment by Rupal M

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My Kiwi daughter and her family makes regular trips to Italy...declaring it as one of their most satisfying and astounding destinations on their World radar......"absolutely spectacular" is their assessment of this beautiful and historic by


"Coming from a viewer that actually went to Japan...i think it's maybe its the only country that doesn't disappoint at all. An astoundingly beautiful country with beautiful and friendly people". comment from Alice Wolfass (video


"What an absolutely wonderful nation, The Netherlands is clearly one of my all time favourites, length & breadth". Comment by Anthony Darrow


This is an awesome overview of the Majesty of New Zealand

Being a Kiwi myself...the pronunciations of places in this video are a little different in real life...but the majesty and friendliness of this country is totally overwhelming...a must do on your bucket by


"yeah its something like Switzerland, but bigger, & they have an ocean around the country. it's an awesome place"!! Comment by SJB



 "Switzerland is definitely my favourite country in Europe. Every single canton is absolutely spectacular. Can't wait to visit again and again." Comment by Monika


Incredible place!! Last year I visited Iceland and I will hope to go again next March... I absolutely fell in love with this country... I can't wait..Comment by William Babs


It is such a spectacular place. I would really recommend people to visit this country.... Comment by Dalias Ambitions


I’m going to the Grand Canyon next week... I’m so excited....comment by Forever Addie


I adore your video! I fell in love with Ireland, when I went with my husband just last year and cant wait to take my kids back there. -Michelle :).... Comment by 'foxes on the go'


10 best places.......  could easily be 100 places, and that it will still not be enough, to show what the country of Portugal has to offer...Comment by Joao Azevedo


Fantastic... just a mind blowing country...I just have no words to express my feelings... amazing and astounding scenario...Comment by LiveHealthyTakeCare


Went to Vietnam early this year, and got the chance to visit numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8 of this list and I totally recommend visiting  the country of Vietnam. They are great people, there's great food, and great site-seeing...Comment by 1x10


The contrasts of Sri Lanka, in such close distances, makes it a very special place...Comment by Vitamina Trip


I'm a businessman from Germany, & visited Iran 2 months ago, great country with an amazing amount of potential. Awesome people, incredible landscape, nature, and rich culture ...Comment by Safari


Omg güzelyurt! They show the house of my grandfather! So beautiful, it is above the church of sant Gregorios! The house is still a nice house, a lovely Turkish family lives there. People there are so hospitable, such beautiful colours, excellent food and music! Wow I hope one day I might be able to visit it again. Many greetings from Greece....Comment by Panos Jay


I lived in Sofia for a little while, I really miss it, and I can't wait to be back there, was such an amazing place....Comment by Frame Freak Studio


Omg! Im'e so impressed! Its even more gorgeous than Switzerland....Comment by Max Cyan


By far the best country in the world for concentration of things to see and do in a small area...Comment by Dan Bac


Madrid is an elegant outstanding city. Segovia and Salamanca are really fantastic too, what an awesome country ...Comment by David Crespo



My heart pounds like im'e in love when i see this, just amazing, thanks for sharing!..Comment by Peter Nordlund



North Wales has been on my bucket list for nearly 25 years now, and I finally made it over there.... well worth the wait...Comment by James Aschehang


I have lived in Skye my entire life, and I couldn’t have wished for anywhere better to grow up! I feel greatly privileged to have seen some of the things I have seen! ...Comment by Jumping Gino


I live close to Poland and very often make trips over there, Poland is an ideal place to travel, very low prices and there are great places to visit..Comment by Интересные путешествия


Beautiful, beautiful Pakistan.... by SYED TAHIR Ahmad


Heading to Myanmar/Burma soon and I am so busy I haven't even looked at an itinerary. This was really very helpful thanks...Comment by Ronan Kelly


New Thailand travel guide for 2018: Everything you need to know, by travel vlog Iv. After visiting Thailand for the 2nd time in 2018,it was time to make a proper travel guide for that country


I have just added six of the places to my upcoming backpacking trip instantly. You're literally helping me find places vlog :D.....Comment by Life with Stan


I really love this video, it has style & details, to capture the best of our country...Comment by Paris Orsborn


I love Russia...... Omg... can feel the scenery of Russia. I want to Live there...Comment by KSK Royal


I'm from Durango, México and all I have to say, is that the whole country of Mexico is beautiful....Comment by Perylshere


All of the Caribbean islands are beautiful. All are tops, and what beautiful people!...Comment by Cherie de Paris


Great video. I am using it in my class today. Thanks so much!... Comment by Perublossom



Has to be one of the best videos on Singapore I've seen. Many people will have a much better experience in Singapore, if they see this video before visiting there. Well done, Matt! ....Comment Ernest Chew


I'm Serbian & for me, Slovenia is the most beautiful country in Europe...Comment by Don Dzon.........


What a wonderful country! Spent a week there in the year 2008...Comment by Edward Holohan


Wow, what a country! How can there be so many incredible attractions in a single country? Glaciers, lakes, forests and mountains, great cities and the largest waterfalls in the world....Comment by sosa89


Beautiful !......Extensive Travel Expoza


Awesome as always bro! Here I am in Bali right now & need to get across to Penida!....Comment by TheLifeOfJord


A quick browse at the outstanding country of China


Chile is sensational, and I like your wines, thank you...Comment by Jonson Gnadt


A quick browse through the sensational country of South, sun and spectacular scenery 


Love my lovely neighbour Nepal.  Love you so much, Nepal. One day i will visit there. Love from Bharat..❤⬇🙏...comment by Rockstar Vines 


Namibia is really amazing. This country is also very safe for tourists. The tourist base in Namibia is exceptionally good. The hotels are nice and clean and of a good standard. The campsites have been very well adapted. The restaurants have great food at a reasonable price.



guy, you will have to dive! Your works are already amazing, but with diving like in fiji, it will just be awesome...comment by Pacific blue film


Okay...WOW! This was seriously an amazing place.... Great job you guys!! ...comment by Erin Elizabeth